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Nile Merchant Inc.

Nat Aid International is a charity focused on raising money for homeless children of Africa. 

Because of diseases like HIV/Aids children are left to fend for themselves. There are 50 Million orphan in Africa.

There are also 30 million children are homeless.

20% of these children are disabled. 

Nat Aid International aims to raise money for charities and hand it over to  UNICEF & Children International.

Although I am focused in Africa, Asian Countries Particularly India, China are also in in need of UNICEF.

All the money collected will reach these organisation. 

Grow Your Beard For The Homeless.

It's back by popular demand. First with an idea, and I think it's best I return this. 

If you got a beard, growing one or know who has or is growing a beard, A $1.00 or whatever your 

currency is. £1.00 1 Yen etc.. etc.. 

Specify when you donate with the donate button. 


Nat Berhanu 

Musician, Artist, Owner & It starts with one really.

Nat Aid International

In Association with Nile Merchant ltd.